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Mid Term Extended Hours

September 27, 2012

For the first time in its history,  the Phillips Library will offer 24 hour access prior to the Fall Break.

Mid Semester 24 hour DaysSince July 2011, we have extended hours by opening earlier (7:30 a.m.),  closing later (2:00 a.m)  and providing two weeks of 24 hour access prior to the end of each semester.   Our user counts at 2 a.m are still not high enough to justify the additional cost of going full-time 24 hours for the entire semester, which remains our goal.

Prior to Spring Break last year there were huge crowds in the Niche in the late night hours so we decided to provide 24 hour access to the entire library building at mid semester.

After consulting with our SGA officers on the schedule, Ana Ulrich organized a team of student assistants who will work the late late night shift so their fellow students can complete some heavy assignments in the wee hours of the mornings before they leave campus for the Fall Break.

WARNING: With the provision of these late hours, we offer a warning about the side effects of sleep deprivation which are well documented in the scientific literature.  Read this! Sleep deprivation impairs spatial working memory and reduces hippocampal AMPA receptor phosphorylation. 


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